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We Develop, Maintain & License Life-saving Smartphone Technology Connected to the Emergency Services Worldwide

Over 30 million miles of driving protected using our technology, that's 1,204 times around the planet.

About us

Realsafe Technologies is a public safety technology company that develops and maintains award-winning smartphone-based crash detection and emergency alerting software.

Our life-saving technology is responsible for protecting over 30 million miles of journeys by customers travelling within the automotive and motorcycle markets. We automatically connect customers to the emergency services whilst travelling in North America, the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Realsafe Technologies is the only company to achieve BAPCO accreditation for apps in both the motorcycle and automotive sectors. Its certified crash detection and emergency alerting ecosystem continues to maintain false activation thresholds of less than 1%.

Location Alerting

In a crash, the chances of survival increases the faster emergency responders can reach you. But what if they don’t know where you are or you can’t call for help. Since 2011, Realsafe Technologies has been improving the way our apps use geo-location data to assist the emergency services in identifying the precise location of those who need help.

Our technology gives emergency responders the most accurate location (including GPS accuracy levels) together with a direction of travel of the customer within seconds of a confirmed crash. The latter can reduce the need for additional emergency vehicles being dispatched to a crash site where for example, the incident is on a dual carriageway, and the direction of the vehicle isn’t known.

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    High-Speed Data Transfer

    Our Google Cloud-Hosted Realsafe Emergency Service Integration Network delivers time-critical location, vehicle and rider/driver data directly to the Emergency Services - all within miliseconds of a validated crash.

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    Life Saving

    Where seconds can save lives, we ensure emergency responders have access to vital medical data before a dispatch takes place. It enables paramedics to prepare appropriate resources in advance of attending a crash scene.

Products and Services

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    Realsafe Emergency Service Integration Network (RESIN)

    A fast, secure and reliable emergency alerting platform that delivers time-critical, location and potentially life-saving health data directly to emergency responders within seconds of a crash. This Google Cloud-powered end-to-end emergency alerting platform connects customers to 911, 999, 112, 000 & 111 across North America, the UK, Europe, Australia & New Zealand via integration partners Bosch Automotive Solutions, BT and Northern911.

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    Smartphone Apps

    Developed and refined from years of R&D and millions of miles of journeys, our smartphone-based crash detection and emergency alerting technology delivers real peace-of-mind for those who rely on it when riding or driving alone.

    Our post-impact monitoring processes are industry respected and proven to keep false alerts at an absolute minimum - despite over 18 million miles of driving using our in-vehicle application.

Emergency Alerting Ecosystem

Realsafe Technologies’ emergency alerting ecosystem utilises the latest in cloud-based services and frameworks to deliver time-critical SOS data to the Emergency Services when it’s needed most.

Following a crash, our geo-location software automatically sends a customer’s location, vehicle and medical data to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) via our emergency integration partners. A final validation call is made before Ambulance dispatch takes place with the whole process regularly taking less than 10 seconds to complete.

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  • Triumph SOS App

    Specifically tailored for motorcyclists, Triumph SOS monitors key sensors in your smartphone to detect and validate an accident. If an accident is detected, an alert is triggered and sent to the emergency services based on your GPS location.

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    REALRIDER® automatically delivers your time-critical location & potentially life-saving health data to paramedics if you crash & can’t call for help.

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Technology Licencing

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Our plug-and-play solution comprises of native components for iOS and Android apps, a fully supported customer subscription service and APIs for integration into the RESIN ecosystem.

A technology license from Realsafe Technologies can provide your customers with a valuable public safety benefit via a multi territory integrated crash detection and emergency alerting service, quickly and without the need for lengthy, expensive and uncertain technology development.

Our technology is proven, secure and UK Government certified.